Special Transformer Core Production according customer needs

We produce special cores according your requirements. Impregnated cores , bare cores (not varnished) and epoxy coated cores are produced according to customers specifications.  For that purpose we need your drawings only.
Several kinds of reinforcement and toroidal tape core forms

1) Toroidal tape core, impregnated
2) Toroidal tape core without varnish (bare)
3) Toroidal tape core with epoxy coated. Layer thickness approx. between 0,05 mm - 2 mm. The coat is applied with whirl-sintering method.
This method allows the winding of the toroidal tape core without additional insulation.

Toroidal Cores
Epoxy coated Cores
Special Core Designs
Machine layout: 100 - 460 tons servo injection machines

Plastic Parts Production according customer needs:

We are a manufacturer of plastic parts and components for a wide variety of appliations.  Lara specializes in all phases
of custom plastic injection parts. We produce high quality plastic injection parts, offering timely delivery and excellent
quality with global pricing.

Here at Lara, we help to bring innovation to your applications.
-Mold making capabilities
-Economical build quantities of high quality plastic injection parts (thermoplatic parts),  to meet your needs.

We have got all the tools needed to take your companies' project from initial concept to final molding and assembly.
Primary processes include Injection Molding,Assembly and Fabrication through value added engineered operations.

Materials molded:
Plastic injection parts made from;
-ABS (Akrilonitril ,butadien and stiren)
-PA6 (Polyamid)
-PC (Polycarbonat)
-PP (Polypropylene)
Plastic Parts Production
according customers