About us :

     LARA Electromechanical CO.Ltd has been founded in 2008 and is suited in Istanbul Turkey . LARA specialises in the manufacture of stripwound cores in electrical steels, for use in the transformer and associated industries. Since its formation, the Company has continued to develop and has recently moved to larger premises to accommodate the extra plant necessary to cater for the increasing demand for its products.

Product range:
-Transformer cores (toroidals, step wound cores etc.)
-Special shape cores (oval etc.)
-Empragnated cores, bare cores ,epoxy coated cores.

    We manufacture grain-oriented silicon iron wound toroidal cores, 0.28 - 0.35 mm thickness (M4-M5-MOH-H-B) , in size to customers' specifications. Toroidal cores, C-Cores and Step Wound Cores, UNICORES are manufactured in a great variety of sizes. Generally they are supplied on drawing of customer.

-Core winder machine productions
-Establishment of core production machinery lines (Core winders,curing,testing systems..) for to produce transformer cores (toroidals,step wound rectangular cores etc.).

Core winder machine Reference Countries :
-Argentina (Buenos Aires)
-USA (Georgia) , USA (Philedelphia) , USA (Washington-Illinois)
-New Zealand (Christchurch)
-Russia (Samara, Yekaterinburg, Moscow)
-Mexico (Apodaca -Toyota-Japan)
-India (Mumbai, Nashik)
-Italy (Milano)
-Germany (Sulzbach)
-Czech Republic (Ostrava).....
-Poland (Myszkow)

   Please contact us by telephone, fax or E-mail.   We welcome any enquiries for standard or non-standard cores, large or small quantities whatever your requirements.